Alexandra + Buddy Baxter – The Olmsted

December 8, 2018 was a gorgeous yet brisk day. I had the pleasure of spending the it with Alex and Buddy and working with their always amazing wedding planner, Kellye Linebach with Engagements LLC. It never seizes to amaze me what brides will endure on their wedding day to get great photos. It had to be close to freezing with the windshield and I was wearing a coat. I didn’t hear Alex complain one time! She was amazing!

It was a true honor to get to know Alex, Buddy and their friends and family through the whole process. The day went off without a hitch and everyone was always very welcoming. Thank you for allowing R.T. Photography to be a part of it all.

Their amazing day could not have been possible without the following awesome vendors:

Venue: The Olmsted

Food: Masterson’s 

Cake: Sweet Surrender 

Flowers: In Bloom Again

Wedding Planner: Kellye Linebach with Engagements LLC

Videographer: Kay Rountree Videography

Music: Masters of Music

Hair: Steve Porter

Makeup: Tracie Kesling

Here is the love story of this awesome couple as told from Alex’s point of view:

Buddy and I met through a mutual friend 2 years ago at their house party. I had come back up from Nashville to visit friends and family. I am from Louisville, but Buddy had moved to Louisville from Winchester, Kentucky for his job about 6 years ago. I had gone to college in Nashville and was working down there. When we were dating we would switch off driving to see each other almost every weekend. I soon moved back to Louisville. He proposed to me on a family trip to Asheville, North Carolina by a waterfall at the end of a long hike. 

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