Beth + Wes Griffin – Millanova Winery

October 29th was an awesome fall day that I had the pleasure of spending with Beth and Wes and many of their closet friends and family at Millanova Winery!  One of the highlight’s of the day was how they incorporated their love of Star Wars in an epic light saber battle between the bridal party.  Here is their love story as written from Beth’s perspective.

“Wes and Beth met when they both worked 3rd shift at UPS. Wes worked with one of Beth’s closest friends, Liz, who told her that Wes was a good genuine guy. Beth was the one to ask him for Wes’ number first, but he was the one to make the first move by asking her to hangout outside of work.

Even though they were complete strangers, it felt like they had been friends forever, like their souls knew each other.  Wes is her best friend, the person who can make a lazy day exciting. They love traveling, going on adventures and trying new things.  They help each other grow, embrace their goofiness and their passions.  They are each other’s teammates and co-pilots in this crazy story we call life.  It’s truly a blessing to spend forever with your best friend.
Their day could not have been possible without:
Wedding Coordinator:  Tatum Daugherty
Hair: Allison Hornback
Flowers: Amy Goforth with Merci Bouquets
DJ: Jamale Ra’Mone
Cake: Michelle Childers
Enjoy their photographs from their gorgeous day!
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