Bianca + Sean Griffin – BBC Bourbon Barrel Loft

December 31, 2017 was DEFINITELY a memorable wedding for R.T. Photography.  this was our first new years wedding to date and it was an amazing one.  bianca and sean were such a joy to be around through every step of the process.  this was also the second wedding we’ve shot for the griffin family as  we were fortunate to be with sean’s brother and his lovely bride In FALL of 2016.  such great people to be around!

the images don’t really show it but it was EXTREMELY cold on new years.  so cold, spending 15 minutes outside left us all with stinging numb hands.  it never CEASES to amaze me how tough a bride can be on her wedding day.  bianca was not about to let it ruin her day and was a real champ Throughout the Entire Day!

i hung out with bianca and sean all the way until midnight and the party never stopped.  it was an all around great day!  i think the great craft beer from the BBC lounge played a part in that.  thanks bbc!

please take a moment to read bianca and sean’s story together below theIR first image!  true high school sweethearts!  then head back over to facebook and leave them a CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE!  thank you both for allowing r.t. photography to be a part of your journey!


Venue:  BBC Bourbon Barrel Loft

Catering:  BBC

Photography:  Travis Salisbury of R. T. Photography

Hair and Make Up:  Brittany and Angel from Beach Beauty Salon

Flowers:  Barbie Allgeier


Cake:  Lady A Cakes

Sean and I met in 2010 when we were in school. I was in 8th grade and Sean in 10th.  our very close friend Gabriella thought she was introducing her two closest friends to each other; but it ending up being so much more. We were inseparableWe’ve spent many years growing up and building a beautiful life together. all of life struggles, teen angst, late nights, laughs, tears and adventures have molded us INTO who we are today. We love new hobbies, hiking, cooking, hanging out with friends and being active.  Our wedding was a perfect illustration of the fun, exciting and silly life style we have.

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