Elizabeth + Curtis McCombs – Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Mellwood Art Center

On Friday, October 28, 2016, I had a the pleasure of spending the day with Elizabeth Kristofeck and Curtis McCombs.  I always love working with family of previous brides and Elizabeth happened to be the sister of a former bride!  It was a gorgeous fall day – the perfect backdrop for high school sweethearts to wed!

Below are photographs from their awesome wedding day and this is their love story as told by Elizabeth!

“One hot summer day before her senior year of high school, Elizabeth met her future husband.   She went to a friend’s 4th of July party where Curtis was also in attendance.   They met that summer day and the rest is history.  They have been together ever since!  Curtis swept her off her feet with a proposal on March 26, 2016 (Easter weekend), a beautiful day they both will never forget!  After seven and a half years together, they are now on their way to spend the rest of their lives together!”

Their day could not have been possible without the following:

Ceremony Venue – Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Reception – Mellwood Art Center

Bride and Groomsmen Flowers – Oberer’s

Bridesmaids Flower and Centerpieces – Rhonda Barnett with Kirkland and Gayle

Hair – Jessica Cramer with The Chopping Block Day Spa and Salon

Makeup – Hollyhill Makeup Artistry

Linens – The Rental Depot

Cake – Adrienne and Company 

Catering – Mark’s Feed Store

D.J. – DJ Ace with One Way Productions

Photo Booth – Snappy Photo Booth Co.

Transportation – Derby City


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