As Featured in Louisville Bride Magazine!!!!! – Introducing Jillian and Shawn LeMaster at Gingerwood

Check out the Spring/Summer 2014 Louisville Bride where this is a featured wedding!!! Thanks to Louisville Bride for this amazing opportunity.


I was very fortunate to be the photographer at Jillian and Shawn LeMaster’s Wedding on June 1st.  The whole day was riddled with concern of rain.  Constant weather watching on IPhones and inconsistent weather reports beginning the day before was enough to make any Bride and Groom worried over their outdoor wedding plans.  But something magical happened.  The weather men were all completely wrong.  Okay – that is more of the norm than magical, but there was definitely magic in the air that day at Gingerwood in Prospect, Kentucky.  The rain held off and made for what was probably the most perfect of Wedding days I have had the pleasure of being a part of.  The early rain brought in perfect skies, a cool breeze and made for an overall wonderful day.

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The Bride and her Mother paid great attention to detail, handling the day’s decoration by themselves, with handmade place settings and placement of every decoration in the  event hall.  The groom served a home brew, a Chocolate Porter, made by himself and and his best man, but unfortunately was too late to try it for himself.  The air outside was filled with the smell of a post-thunderstorm Kentucky Summer day and friends and family started to gather for a truly wonderful evening of great food, beverages and music.

I hope you all love the photos from Jillian and Shawn’s Wedding.  I have known Shawn since I was a child and Jillian since I met my wife almost 16 years ago.  Please take the time to click on my Facebook link and like my page if you love these photos and share this post whether you are friends and family of the Bride and Groom or are getting married yourself and would like R. T. Photography to photograph your special day.

Makeup for Bride, Bridesmaids and Mother of The Bride by Dawn Phillips – Makeup Artist.


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