Leah + Ryan Hughes – St. Agnes Catholic Church & Woodhaven Country Club

June 26, 2015 was a gorgeous summer day! It was also the day that Leah Amburgey and Ryan Hughes joined hands and said “I Do”! I had the honor of capturing their special day and I am extremely excited to share these 220 photos with everyone. There was a chance of rain that was supposed to make an appearance right around the time of their ceremony and we were all a little worried it could mess up plans. We finished just in time – as soon as we shot the last photo the rain started!

Neither Leah nor Ryan were going to let rain chances damper their first moments of seeing each other for the first time as Bride and Groom. I started my day off with Leah and her bridesmaids at Leah and Ryan’s soon to be Newlywed pad. So many memories waiting to happen there you could feel it in the air. Then we headed over to St. Agnes Catholic Church where the First Look and Ceremony took place. We finished off the night at Woodhaven Country Club. Definitely a top notch Wedding venue!

There is still one more round of photos to share with you all! Make sure to like R.T. Photography on Facebook so you don’t miss the release of them. This is when you will see the other 800 or so photos. If you posed with the Bide or Groom at the Reception or through out the day you will find it in the next round! Thank you Leah and Ryan for having me! Hope you LOVE your blog album!

Ceremony: St. Agnes Catholic Church

Reception: Woodhaven Country Club

Florist: Schmitt’s Florist

DJ: Party Zone Productions

Decor: Party Works Cake:

Sullivan Bakery Trolley:

Free Enterprise System

Bridal Attire: Regis Bridal and Prom

Groom Attire: Sam Meyers


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