Leslie + Kyle Anderson – The Josephina

I’m so excited to share my first Candid Blog Album of the 2016 Wedding Season!  On April 16, 2016 I traveled North, close to Cincinnati, to spend the day with Leslie, Kyle and all their friends and family as they joined hands and committed their lives together!  I had such a great day and truly enjoyed getting to know everyone involved.  I also can’t say enough great things about The Josephina!  So much charm and so many quality spaces to shoot!

Leslie and Kyle’s day could have been a little easier however!  About a month before their wedding, on what was suppose to be a great Bachelor weekend in Tennessee, tragedy stuck.  In the form of a Golf Chart!  Kyle tore his leg up pretty bad. That might be an understatement!  I have to hand it to Kyle though.  He was in great spirits and was a complete trooper the whole day!  I have to say his groomsmen were there for him as well.  I can’t remember one time when they reminded him of this timely accident!

One thing you will notice in the photos and one of my favorite unique parts of the day was the Bourbon toast right after the ceremony.  Leslie and Kyle buried the bottle of Knob Creek on the premises one month before their wedding and dug it up that morning!  The whole wedding party shared in a shot before heading inside and dancing the night away!

I want to give a big thanks to Leslie and Kyle for letting me be a part it all!  I also want to urge all friends and family to like R.T. Photography on Facebook.  There will be one more round of over 1,200 photos to share with you all!  You won’t want to miss out on those!


Venue – The Josephina

Videogrpher –Happy Camper Films

Flowers – Lloyd’s Florist

Decor – Especially You Events

Wedding Cake – Homegrown Cakes

Dress – Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique

Makeup – Helen Tropiejko & Rachel Lisa Makeup Studio

Hair – Mary Lee Johnson w/ Hair Lingo

Catering – Loathers Catering

DJ – Perfect Day DJs


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Leslie&Kyle-23 Leslie&Kyle-24 Leslie&Kyle-25 Leslie&Kyle-26 Leslie&Kyle-27 Leslie&Kyle-28 Leslie&Kyle-29 Leslie&Kyle-30 Leslie&Kyle-31 Leslie&Kyle-32 Leslie&Kyle-33 Leslie&Kyle-34 Leslie&Kyle-35 Leslie&Kyle-36 Leslie&Kyle-37 Leslie&Kyle-38 Leslie&Kyle-39 Leslie&Kyle-40 Leslie&Kyle-41 Leslie&Kyle-42 Leslie&Kyle-43 Leslie&Kyle-44 Leslie&Kyle-45 Leslie&Kyle-46 Leslie&Kyle-47 Leslie&Kyle-48 Leslie&Kyle-49 Leslie&Kyle-50 Leslie&Kyle-51 Leslie&Kyle-52 Leslie&Kyle-53 Leslie&Kyle-54 Leslie&Kyle-55 Leslie&Kyle-56 Leslie&Kyle-57 Leslie&Kyle-58


Leslie&Kyle-59 Leslie&Kyle-60 Leslie&Kyle-61 Leslie&Kyle-62 Leslie&Kyle-63 Leslie&Kyle-64 Leslie&Kyle-65 Leslie&Kyle-66 Leslie&Kyle-67 Leslie&Kyle-68 Leslie&Kyle-69 Leslie&Kyle-70 Leslie&Kyle-71 Leslie&Kyle-72 Leslie&Kyle-73 Leslie&Kyle-74 Leslie&Kyle-75 Leslie&Kyle-76 Leslie&Kyle-77 Leslie&Kyle-78 Leslie&Kyle-79 Leslie&Kyle-80 Leslie&Kyle-81 Leslie&Kyle-82 Leslie&Kyle-83 Leslie&Kyle-84 Leslie&Kyle-85 Leslie&Kyle-86 Leslie&Kyle-87 Leslie&Kyle-88 Leslie&Kyle-89 Leslie&Kyle-90 Leslie&Kyle-91 Leslie&Kyle-92 Leslie&Kyle-93 Leslie&Kyle-94 Leslie&Kyle-95 Leslie&Kyle-96 Leslie&Kyle-97 Leslie&Kyle-98 Leslie&Kyle-99 Leslie&Kyle-100 Leslie&Kyle-101 Leslie&Kyle-102 Leslie&Kyle-103 Leslie&Kyle-104 Leslie&Kyle-105 Leslie&Kyle-106Leslie&Kyle-107 Leslie&Kyle-108 Leslie&Kyle-109 Leslie&Kyle-110 Leslie&Kyle-111 Leslie&Kyle-112 Leslie&Kyle-113 Leslie&Kyle-114 Leslie&Kyle-115 Leslie&Kyle-116 Leslie&Kyle-117 Leslie&Kyle-118 Leslie&Kyle-119 Leslie&Kyle-120 Leslie&Kyle-121 Leslie&Kyle-122 Leslie&Kyle-123 Leslie&Kyle-124 Leslie&Kyle-125 Leslie&Kyle-126 Leslie&Kyle-127 Leslie&Kyle-128 Leslie&Kyle-130 Leslie&Kyle-131 Leslie&Kyle-132 Leslie&Kyle-133 Leslie&Kyle-134 Leslie&Kyle-135 Leslie&Kyle-136 Leslie&Kyle-137 Leslie&Kyle-138 Leslie&Kyle-139 Leslie&Kyle-140 Leslie&Kyle-141 Leslie&Kyle-142 Leslie&Kyle-143 Leslie&Kyle-144 Leslie&Kyle-145 Leslie&Kyle-146 Leslie&Kyle-147 Leslie&Kyle-148 Leslie&Kyle-149 Leslie&Kyle-150 Leslie&Kyle-151 Leslie&Kyle-152 Leslie&Kyle-153 Leslie&Kyle-154


Leslie&Kyle-155 Leslie&Kyle-157 Leslie&Kyle-158 Leslie&Kyle-159 Leslie&Kyle-160 Leslie&Kyle-161 Leslie&Kyle-162 Leslie&Kyle-163 Leslie&Kyle-164 Leslie&Kyle-165 Leslie&Kyle-166 Leslie&Kyle-167 Leslie&Kyle-168 Leslie&Kyle-169 Leslie&Kyle-170 Leslie&Kyle-171 Leslie&Kyle-172 Leslie&Kyle-173 Leslie&Kyle-174 Leslie&Kyle-175 Leslie&Kyle-176 Leslie&Kyle-177 Leslie&Kyle-178 Leslie&Kyle-179 Leslie&Kyle-180 Leslie&Kyle-181 Leslie&Kyle-182 Leslie&Kyle-183 Leslie&Kyle-184 Leslie&Kyle-185 Leslie&Kyle-186 Leslie&Kyle-187 Leslie&Kyle-188 Leslie&Kyle-189 Leslie&Kyle-190 Leslie&Kyle-191 Leslie&Kyle-192 Leslie&Kyle-193 Leslie&Kyle-194 Leslie&Kyle-195 Leslie&Kyle-196 Leslie&Kyle-197 Leslie&Kyle-198 Leslie&Kyle-199 Leslie&Kyle-200 Leslie&Kyle-201 Leslie&Kyle-202 Leslie&Kyle-203 Leslie&Kyle-204 Leslie&Kyle-205 Leslie&Kyle-206 Leslie&Kyle-207 Leslie&Kyle-208 Leslie&Kyle-209 Leslie&Kyle-210 Leslie&Kyle-211 Leslie&Kyle-212 Leslie&Kyle-213 Leslie&Kyle-214









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