Meredith + Tony Fernandez – Holy Trinity Catholic Church & The Louisville Water Tower

December 17, 2016 was my final wedding of my 2016 wedding season.  I had the pleasure of ending my season with an awesome couple, Meredith & Tony and about 150 of their closest friends and family!  It was an unseasonably warm day with some crazy high winds that helped to create some amazing photos with Meredith’s veil!  Here is their love story:


Tony and I first met while we were working for the same company in Atlanta. He gave me a presentation on my first day of training and I knew I liked something about him. I remember thinking how I liked how when he laughed his eyes got squinty 🙂 As I started to get into a routine at work, Tony started to pop up more. He would pass by my desk to say hey and talk and would send me funny jokes and emails. He made me laugh a lot and I started to develop a liiittle crush on him… but played it cool. About six months later, at our work Christmas party, he asked me out on our first date and we have been pretty inseparable since!


I previously worked at a logistics company, CH Robinson. Interested in the onboarding process, I had recently begun the initial training for new employees. Conducting this sort of training, as some of you may have experience with, can be a little painful at times. A majority of these people are straight out of school and are turtles scared of coming out of their shell. Additionally the feedback for open discussion questions can be a little bland. Another day of training rolls around and as per usual we go around the conference room giving introductions with icebreakers such as best trip or most recent trip they had been on. Last to go, a pretty young lady pipes up about her recent trip to Europe and immediately caught my eye.
Over the next six months, corny jokes, a charming smile and some persistence convince me to try and win her over. Our work party was in January and I invited a lady friend to not look too available. When I saw that she didn’t bring a date, I realized I had probably overthought the situation, but put the pedal to the metal. With some liquid courage, I broke the ice and reeled in one fine mama jama’s digits. It’s been a roller coaster of fun ever since!


Their day could not have been possible without the following:

Ceremony Venue: Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Louisville Water Tower

Hair: Oleg Sennik
Makeup: Christine Hall (bridesmaid)
Wedding Dress & Veil: Suite Bridal (Atlanta, GA)
Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
Catering: Upper Crust
Thank you Meredith and Tony for allowing me to capture your special day!  And a special thanks for the service you provide our country Tony!
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