Kelly + Phil Osborne – Gallrein Farms

September 10, 2016 was such a wonderful day!  I headed to Shelbyville, KY to photograph Kelly and Phil Osborne as they prepared to join hands and say “I DO”.  I began the day at Loft On Main, a quaint little loft in the middle of Downtown Shelbyville!   That is where Kelly and her bridesmaids got all fancied up before heading to their venue.

After Kelly’s crew helped her into her dress and boots, we headed to Gallrein Farms.  It was a great day for an outdoor wedding until….!  Well we won’t talk about the massive storm that hit moments before the ceremony was suppose to start.  Yikes!

With the weather throwing a wrench into their plans, the day carried on.  Kelly and Phil moved inside, joined hands and became a family!  It was truly a great day spent with great people!  I can’t say enough about how great Gallrein Farms is either.  Definitely a top notch Kentucky Venue!

Thank you Kelly and Phil for letting me be a part of your day!  I was honored!  Friends and Family be sure to like R.T. Photography on Facebook.  There will be one more release of photos and you won’t want to miss out!  Plenty more from the dance floor!

Wedding Coordinator:  Weekend Wedding Warrior

 Hair and makeup:  Venedia Tingle, Chelsey Tingle, Elizabeth Lococo, Allie Benningfield

 Videographer:  Happy Kamper Films

 Florist:  The Blossom Shop

Sunflowers:  Honey Tree Acres Farm & Gardens

 Ceremony chairs and linens:  Reliable Rentals

 Ceiling décor:  Grand Lion Events

 DJ and photo booth:  The Party Stage Company

 Catering:  Kingsley’s

 Wine:  The Little Kentucky River Winery

 Pies:  Kruti’s Cake Bites

Invitations and programs:  Impressions

Pie stand:  Wright’s Rustic Wood

 Wood candle holders and pie stands:  Jennifer Pace Levsey

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