Rebecca + Jesse Johnson – The Pointe

I had the pleasure of shooting Rebecca Dietrich and Jesse Johnson’s awesome wedding on October 15, 2016 at The Pointe in Louisville, KY.  Below are photographs from their day and this is their love story from Jesse’s point of view!
     Rebecca came in to Panera, where Jesse was manager at the time, in July 2013 as a transfer from Montgomery.  This was a part-time job for her as she was a ballerina for the Louisville Ballet full-time.  He knew right away that something was special about her and even told his assistant manager his thoughts about her.  His assistant manager served as Jesse’s informant for the next few months until he finally found a way to take Rebecca on a date.  Their first date was to Huber’s Orchard and Winery on October 20, 2013 where they enjoyed some wine and picked up a few pumpkins to carve for Halloween later that month.
     While Jesse thinks it was love at first site for him, he thinks it took some warming up on her end.   They connected both with their work ethics and love of the arts (Rebecca as a ballerina and Jesse as a former musician).  They both went to college for music and dance and share a similar sense of humor.  They were always laughing throughout their courtship.
     Jesse planned for months to propose on their 1 year anniversary.  While her family was waiting for her to come out of a ballet performance, he pulled her father aside to ask his blessing.  Once her father gave his blessing, Jesse’s wheels started turning.  He thought it HAD to be back at HUBER’S.  But unfortunately the cards didn’t align, with other important events being scheduled that day.  So instead Jesse created his own pumpkin patch in their back yard and woke Rebecca up with a little red wagon hayride to the spot where he proposed.
     They decided on October 15, 2106 for their wedding because that gave them time to plan and also because they LOVE the fall and October is a good month for them.
As they were planning their big day, they wanted to incorporate some of their own personal touches.  Their first date at Huber’s had begun their love affair with wine.  They would go on dates to wineries and Rebecca came up with the idea of naming their reception tables after wineries instead of numbers!  In preparation, they visited every winery, took photos and made an adventure out of it!
     Now they are off on their own happily married adventure – hopefully with lots of wine and awesome memories included!
Their day could NOT have been possible without the following:
Officiant – Matthew Deitrich (brother of the bride)
Venue – The Pointe (Kaela Hammerstrom)
Catering – The Catering Company (Michelle Dykes)
Hair – Jill Milby
Makeup – Dawn Morhet
Ceremony Music – SMT Music, String Quartet
DJ – Luckett Productions – Mike Luckett
Flowers – DG Flowers (Brewster, NY @dgflowers191)
Rings – Staples Jewelry – Jake Epperson
Honeymoon Arrangements – Epperson Travel – Jake Epperson
Transportation – Dan McIntyre (502-876-LOAN) haha
Linens – Universal Linens
Wine – Forest Edge Winery – Raymond Meyer
Additional Adult Beverages – Keith Morhet
Glass Ceremony – Mark Peyton Glass Center
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