Rebecca + Neil Smith at The Gramercy

April 7. 2018 was definitely a day to remember for many reasons.  First of all, the first week of April is usually the kick off of wedding season because the cold is gone and the sun is finally shinning again.  That was not the case this year.  It was cold and snowing when the day started but we could not let that get us down!  The snow blew away and we managed through the low temps!

Rebecca and Neil were such a pleasure to spend the day with.  Their wedding venue was The Gramercy, a truly beautiful venue that I would highly recommend for any type of formal event.  Their day unfolded with very few hitches.  Rebecca was very relaxed from the minute I walked in until the moment I left them!  That always makes for a great day!

I want to say thank you to Rebecca and Neil for allowing R.T. Photography to be a part of their amazing story!  Please take a few minutes to check out their story together below, view this amazing wedding and then head back over to Facebook and leave them a congratulatory message.

Photographer – Travis Salisbury with R.T. Photography

Venue – The Gramercy

Bridal Gown – Couture Closet Boutique

D.J./Photo Booth – Extreme Southern Productions

Catering/Cake/Bar – Classic Cuisine Catering

“Neil and I met on in November 2015. Everything seemed like a perfect match from the very beginning except one thing; he had a child.  I was very unsure about that one thing. We took things very slow and continued to only communicate through text or phone. He said to me in an early conversation that his little girl was his whole world. It was at that moment that I knew this was a good man, and a man that I wanted to be in my life for the rest of life. He was the man I had been looking for.

From that conversation on, I have had no reservations about our relationship. We continued to see each other and after three months of dating, I was introduced to the light of his world, Ava. She quickly became the light of my world as well. From then on, WE WERE A FAMILY!  A year later, to my surprise, Neil proposed to me at romantic restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Prior to the proposal, he had been very adamant that it would be a long time before he could afford a ring and therefore would not be able to propose. In fact, he started off the proposal that way! I expressed that I didn’t care if we got engaged in one month, one year or five years. I just knew that I wanted to marry him! It was then that he turned me and said, “That’s good Rebecca because I’m proposing tonight.” I didn’t believe him and in true Rebecca fashion I argued with him, saying he was joking and that was a cruel joke. He then got up from his seat and got down on one knee. It was THEN that the conversation had become real and I was ecstatic. The rest is history!”

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