Why You Should Hire a “Professional” Wedding Photographer

Just because someone owns a camera does not make them a “professional” photographer.  Professionals have education and/or training to back them up!

I have a Bachelors’ degree in photography.  I am prepared for low-light situations, I know how to adjust my camera settings quickly, I know how to adjust my shooting based on venue rules to make sure I am still getting the images that are needed and I know and embrace the rule of 3rds. 

Professionals run their own business and do not just do photography as a hobby.  It is their livelihood and they treat it as such. 

Photography is my FULL-Time job and I spend more than 60 hours a week shooting, editing and ordering products for my clients. 

I have legally binding contracts and full liability insurance. 

I would never even dream of cancelling on your event unless I am incapacitated or dead. 

They have experience. 

Having shot weddings for the past decade, I have shot over 250 weddings in every type of venue you can think of, from a family farm to a cathedral.  I’m prepared for anything. 

They have back up equipment in case the unexpected happens. 

I have a back up camera for my back up camera.  I come prepared with multiple lenses and more memory cards than I would need for a 200 hourr shoot. 

They’ve seen it all and they know what needs to happen to make your day flow without excessive stress. 

I talk with all my brides beforehand to make sure I know exactly what they want.  I help them identify a timeline so they know when to schedule their other vendors and need to have their hair and makeup completed by, based on if they are taking the bulk of their photographs before the wedding or after. 

They know how to edit to make you look your best while still looking like you. 

The last thing you want is for a novice editor to retouch your most precious memories. 

 They are professionally invested in your satisfaction. 

I work for and with my clients to make sure what they receive is exactly what they were wanting and hoping for.  Friends or relatives may not be as invested and you may not feel comfortable raising concerns to someone whom you have a dual relationship with.

Above all else – Remember Your Wedding Day only Happens Once.  The one thing you will have after it is all said and done are memories.  Your photographs can help you remember that once in a lifetime moment and should be exactly what you want and envision.  Don’t trust an amateur – trust an experienced professional. 

Posted byR. T. Photography